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Les Expositions des Arts Incohérents

Anon.: "Bas Relief", 1882 [Stocking nailed on wooden plank]
(Illustration based on reconstruction by Présence Panchouette, 1988.)

Umbrella entitled "Sarah Bernardt", 1884.

Miss Ella: "La nouvelle niche à saints", 1886. [Corset]

Trousers entitled "Tour Eiiffel", 1889.




Marcel Duchamp

In Advance of the Broken Arm, 1915

Porte-Bouteilles, 1914

Trébuchet, 1917

Hat Rack, 1916

Fountain, 1917



     Iwan Puni

Plate on Table, 1915


     Morton Schamberg


God, 1917


     Ben Vautier

Vomit, 1960



      Piero Manzoni

Opera d"Arte Vivente, 1961

Carte d' Authenticité, 1961

      Andy Warhol

The American Supermarket, 1964 (detail)

Brillo Box, 1986

     1980's / 1990's

Jeff Koons: New Hoover DeLuxe
Celebrity QS, 1980/1986

Ange Leccia:
Lolita, 1988/1992

Damien Hirst:
The Physical Impossibility of Death
to the Mind of Someone Living,  

Sherry Levine: Two Shoes, 1992

Bertrand Lavier: Teddy, 1994

Haim Steinbach:
Untitled (Baby), 2004   


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